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Ride the island’s beauty on a quad bike on Madeira island.
  • Segway Snarler AT6ST 600cc

    From: 45.00 
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  • Segway Snarler AT6LE 600cc

    From: 50.00 
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  • Segway Snarler AT6ST 600cc

    From: 45.00 
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  • Segway Snarler AT6LE 600cc

    From: 50.00 
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*Prices shown are for 7 or more days and may change without notice.

Unforgettable Adventure

Experience the thrill of riding a quad bike on the winding roads of Madeira Island.

Power and Style

Enjoy the smooth ride on a motorcycle while exploring the island’s hidden gems.

Customized Experience

Rent with 7M Rides and customize your own route to visit the best spots on the island.

Top-of-the-line equipment

With 7M Rides get access to the best rental company with top-of-the-line motorcycles, helmets, and equipment.

Scooters or Motorcycle up to 125cc

Elevate your adventure with a Motorcycle

Explore Madeira’s stunning landscapes and diverse terrains from a whole new perspective with quad bike rentals.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a family looking for a unique way to experience the island, quad biking in Madeira offers an exciting and unconventional means of discovery.

Feel the thrill of off-roading as you navigate rugged trails, winding forest paths, and charming narrow streets, all at your own pace. With quad bike rentals, you have the freedom to create your adventure, choosing from a variety of scenic routes and thrilling trails that highlight the island’s natural beauty.

This activity is not just for the seasoned riders; it’s perfect for families and friends of all ages, making it an excellent bonding experience for your vacation in Madeira.

About our Rental Service

Frequently Asked Question

Just a few questions about our services and motorbikes.
How many kilometres/miles can I do?
The kilometers or miles are unlimited, so you can enjoy the vehicle and our island without limits.
Do I need a Driving License?
Yes. The minimum age of the driver is 25 years old, the presentation of the original documents is mandatory.

2 years minimum of driving license A.

What is the minimum age?
The customer must be aged 25 or over and have experience driving motorcycles of this size.
Do i have to put a security deposit?
Yes. The security deposit for Segway Snarler AT6ST 600cc is Basic Insurance [Full Deposit (700€)] or Premium Insurance [Small Deposit (250€)] + 9€/day and Segway Snarler AT6LE 600cc is Basic Insurance [Full Deposit (1000€)] or Premium Insurance [Small Deposit (250€)] + 9€/day.
What time can i pickup or deliver the motorcycles?
No time restrictions, but a night fee of 20€ will apply between the hours of 7 pm (19:00) and 8 am (08:00).

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We offer you solutions with or without a Private Guide.

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Safety Always

Because your safety is important to us, we have the best packages on the market.

24h Service Every Day

So that you do not miss anything, count on us anytime any day.

The Best Prices

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