Madeira Motorcycle Rental: The Ultimate 2023 Adventure for Thrill-Seekers Looking to Explore the Island

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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira Island is a true natural treasure of Portugal. With its lush landscapes, majestic mountains, enchanting beaches, and mild climate, Madeira has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Europe. And for travelers seeking adventure, motorcycle rental have become an increasingly popular and exciting option for exploring everything the island has to offer.

In this article, we will present the central idea that this is the best adventure of 2023 for thrill-seekers looking to explore the island. From the winding roads that snake through the mountains to the off-road trails that lead to hidden beaches, motorcycles allow travelers to experience the island in a unique and thrilling way. Additionally, we will provide tips and suggestions to make the motorcycle rental experience in Madeira even more amazing and safe.

Motorcycle Rental in Madeira

In Madeira, motorcycle rental companies offer tourists various options to explore the island in great style and with plenty of excitement. At 7M Rides, the Indian and Harley Davidson brands stand out, as they are two iconic names that are recognized worldwide for their motorcycles.

The Indian is one of the most popular options for those who want a powerful and elegant motorcycle. With its classic and sophisticated lines, the Indian is ideal for traveling on the winding roads of the island with comfort and safety.

On the other hand, Harley Davidson is a legendary brand known around the world for its robust and personality-filled motorcycles. With its unmistakable style, the Harley is a perfect choice for those who want a classic and stylish motorcycle to explore Madeira. With its wide variety of models, from sports bikes to touring bikes, Harley Davidson is a versatile option for the most demanding travelers.

Before renting a motorcycle, it is important to check the condition of the vehicle and choose a reliable rental company that can offer support and assistance in case of any problems or emergencies. Additionally, it is important to remember that wearing helmets and other safety measures is mandatory in Madeira to ensure that your two-wheeled adventure is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Suggested Itineraries

For travelers looking to explore the island of Madeira in a unique and exciting way, renting a motorcycle is the perfect choice. With various itineraries available, it’s possible to discover incredible landscapes, off-road trails, paradisiacal beaches, and picturesque villages with much more freedom and adventure.

For nature lovers, one of the most interesting itineraries is to explore Madeira’s off-road trails, which lead to breathtaking landscapes and lots of adrenaline. One of the most famous trails is Ponta de São Lourenço, which offers an incredible view of the island’s east coast. For those who prefer more tranquil rides, an itinerary along the south coast, passing through the white sand beaches of Calheta and Porto Moniz, is a great option.

For adventurers who want to climb the mountain, an itinerary through the winding roads of Pico do Arieiro up to Pico Ruivo is a unique and unforgettable experience. The panoramic views from the mountain top are spectacular, and the sense of freedom and excitement that the motorcycle provides is indescribable.

For those who prefer the city, a tour of the capital Funchal is an excellent choice. The city has a rich history and many interesting places to explore, such as Funchal Cathedral and the Mercado dos Lavradores. The motorcycle can be a unique and exciting way to ride through the narrow streets and discover the hidden beauties of the city.

Regardless of the chosen itinerary, the motorcycle is a unique and exciting way to explore Madeira island. With the freedom and flexibility that the motorcycle offers, it’s possible to discover incredible places and have experiences that will stay forever in your memory. Additionally, the feeling of being in direct contact with nature and the landscape is unparalleled. Don’t forget to consider this option when planning your trip to Madeira.

Motorcycle Rental in Madeira – Tips

Before renting a motorcycle in Madeira, it is important to familiarize yourself with local laws regarding the operation of this type of vehicle. The first step is to check if you have the necessary driver’s license to ride a motorcycle on the island. Additionally, it is important to obey traffic laws and speed limits, especially on the winding and mountainous roads of Madeira. To ensure safety and comfort during your motorcycle ride, it is essential to choose the appropriate protective gear. The helmet is mandatory and should meet safety standards. It is also recommended to wear a suitable jacket, pants, and gloves to protect your body. It is important to consider the island’s variable weather conditions and prepare with appropriate clothing for cold and rainy weather.

Another important tip is to choose the right motorcycle for your ride. Consider your level of experience with riding motorcycles and choose a model that fits your profile. Additionally, check the motorcycle’s condition before renting it, paying attention to tires, brakes, and other components important for your safety during the ride. To make the most of your experience renting a motorcycle in Madeira, it is recommended to plan your route well, taking into account weather conditions and the duration of the ride. Don’t forget to bring water, food, and sunscreen to ensure comfort during the journey. Also, take the opportunity to explore the island’s incredible landscapes, stopping at viewpoints and tourist attractions along the way. With these tips, you can have a unique and exciting experience renting a motorcycle in Madeira. Don’t hesitate to consider this option when planning your trip to the island.


Throughout this article, we have seen that there is a variety of models to suit different types of travelers. We also discussed some of the main attractions that can be explored by motorcycle in Madeira, such as off-road trails, coastal tours, and mountain paths. In addition, we presented some important tips to ensure safety and comfort during the ride. In summary, motorcycle rental in Madeira is an excellent option for travelers seeking adventure and excitement while exploring the island. The motorcycle provides a unique tourism experience, allowing you to feel closer to nature and the incredible landscapes of the island.

We invite you to experience this unique form of tourism and fall in love with the island of Madeira. Take advantage of the suggested itineraries and tips presented in this article and discover for yourself the thrill of riding a motorcycle on the roads of Madeira. It will surely be an unforgettable adventure!

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